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Brookfield's Reading Scheme

EYFS and Key Stage One Reading Scheme 

At Brookfield Primary School we aim for all children to be able to read fluently  and with confidence by the end of their primary education with us. Teaching of reading consists of two dimensions - word reading and comprehension. This involves the speedy working -out  and recognition of unfamiliar words and understanding of what has been read ( grammar and vocabulary).

The teaching of reading begins in our Early Years Unit where the children are introduced to  the key characters from the Oxford reading Tree scheme and are gven books with just pictures to encourage them to tell their own story. Once the children can do this confidently they are given books with words. As well as bringing these books home to share regularly  with parents and carers, children are given lists of  tricky words for them to practice reading at home and at school. Children's reading is regularly assessed and when each step is achieved new words and new books are issued. The core reading scheme used  is the Oxford Reading Tree, though this is supplemented  with a range of books from other reading schemes. The books are organised into colour bands using the National Book Banding Scheme. Each band incorporates a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, and it is important that children read confidently from a range of books within a colour band before they move on to the next colour band.

Every week  your child will read either individually to an adult or within a small group  or as part of a "guided  reading" session and this will be recorded in the child's Home/School Diary. Please help at home by hearing your child read at least three times a week and write your comments in the Home/School Diary for the teacher. In addition children practice their reading skills during the whole class shared reading sessions at the beginning of every new genre they are studying. Every day children are given opportunities to listen and join in with a range of stories and poems. Children are also taught phonics daily for a 20 minute session using the Letters and Sounds programme.