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Keep up to date with all the letters we send home with the children.

22.10.2021 Parent Letter

12.10.2021 Neli Project Letter to Reception Parents

24.09.2021 Year 6 Parent Telephone Consultation Letter

23.09.2021 Tesco Community Grant

14.09.2021 Parent Update Letter

14.09.2021 Home School Agreement

21.07.2021 Derbyshire County Council Summer Suggestions

21.07.2021 Letter to Parents and Carers re. Family Support Worker Absence Reporting

21.07.2021 Early Help Letter to Parents and Carers

09.07.2021 Letter from Director of Public Health to Parents and Carers

07.07.2021 Flu Immunisation Information for Parents and Carers

06.07.2021 Letter to parents re. September 2021

10.06.2021 - Letter to parents June 2021 Updates

09.06.2021 Derbyshire County Council CDOP hot topic Drowning

27.05.2021 Letter to Parents from the Director of Public Health

24.05.2021 Taekwondo

10.05.2021 Bolsover and North East Derbyshire Community Updates

22.04.2021 Summer School Lunch Menu

20.04.2021 Letter to Parents/Carers

17.04.2021 Derbyshire Mental Health Helpline and Support Service

29.03.2021 Covid19 Letter to Parents and Carers from Dean Wallace The Director of Public Health

29.03.2021 Autism Information and Advice - A NEW Parent and Carer Course

12.03.2021 Parent Update Letter for Spring 2

09.03.2021 Bolsover and East Derbyshire Community Update and Support

04.03.2021 Return to School in March 2021

19.04.21 AFTER EASTER Lunch Menu

02.03.2021 Full Opening Letter to Parents for 8th March

04.03.2021 World Book Day

09.02.2021 Derbyshire County Council Community Updates for BOLSOVER NE

04.02.2021 Covid19 General Letter to all school pupils, parents, guardians and staff

25.01.2021 Letter to Pupils, Parents and School Staff - Brookfield Single Covid19 Case

21.01.2021 Access to DWP Services (The Department for Work and Pensions)

04.01.2021 Delay of Opening School in January

Parent Pay FAQ

16.12.2020 A Message from Dean Wallace, Director of Public Health

14.12.2020 Christmas Contact Over the Holiday Period Letter

Christmas Present Appeal

24.11.2020 Autumn 2 Diary Date Updates for Parents and Carers

12.11.2020 Derbyshire County Council Community Updates

23.11.2020 Brookfield's School lunch Menu

9.11.2020 Ideas for Promoting Reading For Pleasure at Home.

05.11.2020 Letter to Parents from the Director of Public Health

3.11.2020 Autumn 2 Term Updates and Diary Dates

13.10.2020 - Community Updates and Community Support

12.10.2020 Advice for Parents - Covid19 Absence Guide

09.10.2020 Academy Open Evening

07.10.2020 Brookfield's Lunch Menu Autumn 2020

07.10.2020 Letters and Sounds Series Live - Home Learning Videos

Letter 02.10.2020 - Autumn Diary Dates & Events

Advise 30.09.2020 NHS Covid19 App Fact sheet for parents, carers and those who are 16 and over

Home School Agreement 2020

25.09.2020 Class Dojo Remote Learning FAQs

Letter 25.09.2020 Brookfield Updates for Parents and Carers

21.09.2020 Advice for Parents - Covid19 Absence Guide

Support Information 17.09.2020 Early Help Offer for Children and Families

Letter 04.09.2020 Magic Breakfast

Letter 04.09.2020 Home to School Transport

Letter 04.09.2020 Derbyshire Mental Health Support

Letter 03.09.2020 PE and Reading Book Information