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Meet the Brookfield team!


Our Teaching and Learning Assistants also supervise and support pupils during the lunchtime break.



Leadership Team 


Mrs Nicola Walker - Headteacher


Mrs Nicky Stevenson - Consultant Headteacher


Mrs Laura Wray - Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Joy Burgess -  Deputy Headteacher (on Monday and Thursday) and SENCO


Mr Ashley Davis - Assistant Headteacher


Miss Jodie Morris - English Lead and EYFS Lead


Mrs Louise Schofield - Science Cover Teacher and SENCO




Mrs Nicola Walker - Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Laura Wray - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Joy Burgess - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Louise Schofield - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Kate Sharp - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mr Ashley Davis -  Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead





Mrs Joy Burgess 


Mrs Louise Schofield



EYFS Coordinator 


Miss Jodie Morris





Teacher: Miss Jodie Morris 

Teaching and Learning Assistants:  

                                Miss Jordan Pimblott - TLA 



Year One 

Teacher: Miss Emma Smith

Teaching and Learning Assistant:

                                Miss Lucy Westby - TLA

                                Mrs Kayleigh Williamson - TLA                


Year Two 

Teacher: Miss Kate Green

Teaching and Learning Assistants:        

                                Mrs Tracey Wagstaff - TLA 

                                Mrs Sharon Goddard - TLA 



Year Three

Teacher: Mr Richard Campbell

Teaching and Learning Assistants:

                              Mrs Dawn Brickles - TLA 

                              Mrs Ruth Penford - TLA 

                              Mrs Julie Vasey - TLA                         


Year Four 

Teacher: Mr Stephen Austin

Teaching and Learning Assistants:    

                              Mrs Lisa Clarke (known as Brookes) - TLA 

                              Mrs Carrie Brocklehurst - TLA



Year Five

Teacher: Mr Lawrence Carter

Teaching and Learning Assistants:

                             Mrs Carla Bradley - TLA

                             Miss Kerry Wilson - TLA

                             Mrs Amanda Hellewell - TLA


Year Six

Teacher: Mr Ashley Davis and Laura Wray

Teaching and Learning Assistants: 

                                Mrs Agata Wojciechowska - TLA

                                Miss Matilda Ward - TLA


General Support - Mrs Michaela Fletcher


Pastoral Manager

Mrs Kate Sharp


Cover Teacher

Teacher: Mrs Louise Schofield


Learning Mentor

Miss Ruth Penford


Nurture Lead

Mrs Carrie Brocklehurst


Lunch Time Support 


                               Mrs Carla Bradley 

                               Mrs Dawn Brickles

                               Mrs Lisa Clark 

                               Mrs Michaela Fletcher 

                               Mrs Amanda Hellewell 

                               Mrs Julie Vasey 

                               Mrs Tracey Wagstaff

                               Miss Kerry Wilson

                               Mrs Kayleigh Williamson 

                               Miss Matilda Ward

                               Miss Jordan Pimblott

                               Miss Lucy Westby

                               Miss Ruth Penford


Administration Staff


               Mrs Michelle Hough – School Business Manager

               Mrs Joanne Walker - School Business Assistant 


Site Staff


              Mr Stewart Crowder – General Site Maintenance 

              Miss Pearl Dennison - Evening Cleaner 

              Mrs Lynne Ingham – Evening Cleaner