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National Online Safety App


Children are spending more time than ever online. As adults, we need to do everything we can to keep them safe in the digital world. But with new apps, games and platforms emerging every day, how can you stay in the know?

Say hello to the National Online Safety FREE mobile app for parents 📱🤩

With all online safety knowledge available at your fingertips, the NOS app empowers parents to understand and address online safeguarding risks – any time, anywhere.

The world’s most comprehensive online safety app is packed with FREE insightful courses, explainer videos, webinars and guides on topics that will help you protect the children you care about when they’re online.

Be #OnlineSafetySavvy.

Download the FREE app today for instant information about the latest apps, games, devices & more.



FREE Online Safety Course:

I'd also recommend the following courses developed by the National Online Safety team and delivered by Myleene Klass;

‘An Introduction to Online Safety for Parents of Children Aged 4-7’.


‘An Introduction to Online Safety for Parents of Children Aged 7-11'.

Course Durations: 4/5 minutes (approx.)

What’s in the course?

• How children are engaging and interacting with the online world.

• How their attitudes and behaviours might change.

• What types of apps and games they might start showing an interest in.

• What safety measures parents should start to consider.

• Where parents can get further advice and support.

At the end of the course, there is a short quiz to check your knowledge on some of the key points highlighted throughout.

You can access these courses here:


Report Harmful Content

Report Harmful Content is provided by UK Safer Internet Centre and operated by SWGfL.

Why can we help?

This organisation has experience of running two successful helplines, the Professionals Online Safety Helpline and The Revenge Porn Helpline. This experience has given them the unique set of skills, insights and relationships with industry to provide specialist support.


They studied the community guidelines of several different platforms to determine which types of content are likely to violate terms. They have worked hard to create a safe and effective platform to report harmful content.


There are some types of content for which Report Harmful Content cannot offer support.

This is because there are dedicated, specialist services that exist already – for example, Action Counters Terrorism. 

So You Got Naked Online


A resource that offers children, young people and parents advice and strategies to support the issues resulting from sexting incidents


'So you got naked online...' is a resource that helps and advises young people who may find themselves in a situation where they (or a friend) have put a sexting image or video online and have lost control over that content and who it's being shared with.

Whilst there is a lot of advice around preventing these situations in the first place, it is very important to recognise that this does happen and those affected really need support and guidance.

So you got naked online? aims to do just that - it offers children, young people and parents advice and provides strategies to support the issues resulting from sexting incidents.

Immediate Concerns, Support and Contact Information