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Our School Dog

Meet Murray

Murray is a Cockapoo, chosen for his very mild temperament, non-malting fur and hypoallergenic coat. Murray is full of happiness and love, he would like to be everyone's best friend, and if you take him for a walk or throw a ball for him, he will reward you with his big, goofy grin. 

Murray will:

  • Not be allowed into school if unwell
  • Be kept on a lead when moving between classrooms or on a walk
  • Be under the full control and supervision of an adult at all times
  • Be fully trained to a cage or mat
  • Have had injections prior to joining Brookfield Primary School



Pupils will:

  • NOT have sole responsibility for, or be left alone with the dog
  • Meet the dog in a group of no more than three children
  • Be reminded of what is appropriate behaviour around him every time they meet him:


- Always remain 

- Be gentle

- DO NOT put your face near his

- DO NOT disturb a dog when they are eating or sleeping

- Always approach them standing up

- DO NOT feed the dog