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Welcome to Brookfield Primary School



Welcome to our school.  Brookfield is a place we are extremely proud of.  We feel it is the centre of the local community and we all strive to provide the very best for both the children and parents within this community.  We have high expectations and maintain high standards of attainment and behaviour.


Brookfield is a happy place to be.  Children learn when they are relaxed and understand what is expected of them.  Staff  work well when they are supported and valued.  Parents are supportive when they are informed and involved.  Teamwork is essential and we all need to work together to ensure the children get the very best start to their education.


“Be the Best You Can Be”

A message from our Chair of Governors:

Andrew Brickles


It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school.  We aim to provide our pupils with a friendly, stimulating and structured school environment in which all children are valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.


The school has a committed, experienced staff who are well supported by parents and governors.


Making the decision about which school is right for your child can be a difficult one but we hope that this prospectus will help you make that decision and give you a flavour of Brookfield and the learning opportunities that we provide to all children.