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At Brookfield Primary School we want to ensure that our pupils are able to take the fullest possible advantages of all that we have to offer. We want every pupil to attend school every day that they can.


Pupil absence should be reported by ringing the school office before 9.00am on every day of absence.


Our attendance policy sets out what is expected so that this may be achieved.

Parents/carers should:


  • Make sure their child attends school regularly and on time, appropriately dressed and equipped and ready to learn.

  • Let the school know if they are having difficulty with attendance so that any available help or support can be offered.

  • Seek permission from school prior to any anticipated absence that is not medical.

  • Not take their child on holiday during term-time.

  • Not extend weekend breaks into the school week.

  • Notify school if they intend to remove their child permanently from the school for any reason.

School will:

  • Make suitable arrangements for the safe daily reception of children.

  • Be consistent in their attendance practices.

  • Keep and mark registers accurately.

  • Follow up any unexplained absences.

  • Notify parents/carers, at least once every term, of their child’s attendance level.

  • Notify the Local Authority (LA) of pupils who have poor attendance, leave school to be educated at home, go missing, or are excluded.

  • Notify the LA and/or the Department for Children, Families and Schools (DCFS) of absence figures for the school and, where necessary, individual pupils.

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