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Daily Story Time


Pupils will choose a story book every Friday to share with their adults at home. We would like your child to enjoy a range of stories at home and we are encouraging parents/carers to practise the following skills;

  • Practise talking about the illustrations and exploring the detail
  • Practise finding the Title, Blurb, Bar Code, Publisher, Author, Illustrator
  • Practise turning the pages carefully and holding the books carefully
  • Practise following the text from left to right
  • Practise finding any Common Exception Tricky Words; I no to go the into 
  • Practise making predictions about characters, settings and events
  • Practise describing the characters, settings and events
  • Practise enjoying a daily story time together 

Collins Ebooks

Common Exception Words


We would like pupils to practise reading, recognising and writing their Common Exception Tricky Words.


Phase 2: I, no, go, to, the, into. 


Phase 3: he, she, we, me, be, was, you, all, they, are, my, her.


Phase 4: said, little, people, there, have, like, so, one, when, do, out, some, what, come, were. 


Mathematics - Counting 


We would like pupils to practise counting to 20 and beyond in 1s forwards and backwards. 


Mathematics - Number 


We would like pupils to recognise and write the numerals from 0 - 20. 

Mathematics - Shape


We would like pupils to practise recognising, naming, selecting and finding shapes in the environment for;


2D shapes: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, semi-circle, diamond.

3D Shapes: cuboid, cube, cylinder, cone, sphere, hemisphere, pyramid.